What we stand for

We recognize the formation of an appropriate skilled tern to cater for the needs of the organization to pursue skilled objectives and schemes with an envisaged executive membership elected to take this mantle.   We recognize the acquisition of a resource plan to meet the organizations mission drawn by management to achieve this end.   We have a total enthusiastic organization leadership and an elected executive who have the requisite drive chosen in this direction.

We recommend a corporate plan for the organizations implementation and an established standards, target and aims to meet our mission.


The ‘Nkabom’ – Journey for Peace and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) programme interconnects the history, present and the future of Africa and its Diaspora, and using the SDGs and the AU Agenda 2063 as the linking bridges. The programme seeks to consolidate the processes to provide and deliver projects on Infrastructure Development, Economic Development, Human Resource and Employability Development, Peace-building, Democracy and Intra-Africa-Diaspora relations. 

These will be done through effective coordination and synergy between Africa and its Diaspora, and building long term strategic partnerships for the social, economic and political empowerment needed for the achievement of the SDGs and AU Agenda 2063.


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