Wh​o We Are

Wh​o We Are

About Us

The Faith Association for the Rehabilitation of Street Children and Orphans (FARSO) was established through the instrumentality of a professional social worker and a nurse residing in Maryland, Baltimore, USA. The founders were moved by the plight of children who are orphans, underprivileged and marginalized in society as well as women who are living in poverty-stricken conditions and in deprived rural communities.

The organization was registered as a civil society or non-profit voluntary charity on January 31st, 2001, with the Department of Companies Registrar. It is also registered as a charity organization with the Department of Social Welfare and Manpower Development and recognized by the Tema Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra Region with the mandate to operate. The organization has the task of supporting urban and rural communities towards their social and economic upliftment.

It has a department or section which offers assistance to the deprived, old aged and women for their self-actualization and economic sufficiency. This, it is hoped, will enable such people to make meaningful contributions to the development of their communities.

Also, the organization does not leave the environment in isolation as it forms an integral part of human kind's social and economic alleviation. Hence, we have a group of professional young environmental workers and affiliated institutions working on climate change issues, biodiversity conservation, water management and integrity, and desertification mitigation and adaptation policies and measures.